“Meat Sweat” Package


This gift box includes: 2— 2.5 inch 22-26 oz Certified Angus Beef Ribeyes and one 9.6 oz Spicewalla Cowboy Grilling Rub

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We hope you have an extra towel or stomach for this jumbo-sized portion! Our 22-26oz Certified Angus Beef bone-in ribeye is sure to stop any wandering eye to your plate. Wall-to-wall marbling backed by a 10 step screening ensures this cut to be certified. Add a dash of our carefully selected Spicewalla grilling rub for any preferred method of cooking. Reverse sear, sou vide, cast iron, and coal searing will heighten your taste buds with this tender cut.

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Weight56 oz
Dimensions18.625 × 11.3125 × 6 in


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