3 Maw Maw’s Large Chicken Pie No Veggies


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3 – 100% homemade 9-inch Chicken Pies NO veggies included.

“It’s a FACT, Jack! MawMaw’s Chicken Pies are the BEST!”


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These 9-inch deep-dish chicken pies have over a pound of premium all-white meat kettle cooked chicken mixed with Mawmaw’s top secret creamy sauce, in a double flaky crust. Did we forget to say leave out the veggies? This set includes 3 Large Chicken Pie’s with NO veggies!

 MawMaw and her granddaughter Whitney work as a team to produce pies that are 100% homemade. There is nothing average about these pies, more hand-shredded chicken in each pie than any other chicken pie on the market. It was chosen 10 out of 10 times in a blind taste test.

MawMaw only uses premium white chicken breast and the freshest veggies in her pies. It’s a top secret to how she makes that crust so flakey and delicious. MawMaw gives her stamp of approval on each one of her pies with that little chicken that she cuts out by hand. Each pie is finished by brushing egg white on the top causing it to bake to golden brown perfection.

You DON’T want to pass this up!

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Weight18 oz
Dimensions7 × 7 × 1 in


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